About Us

We exist to make code search awesome.

As developers ourselves, we know how frequently we search for answers — we are constantly learning, and that comes with its challenges, from figuring out unfamiliar frameworks to discovering new libraries to seeking solutions to vexing errors.  We know this struggle first-hand, so we created CodePilot.ai to find a better way to code.

Rather than embark on an hours-long side quest searching for information in unknown terrain, CodePilot.ai brings the answers to us.  With its straightforward interface and near-instantaneous results, CodePilot.ai is an essential tool for every aspiring developer.


CodePilot.ai is a Free stand-alone desktop application designed to be the best search experience possible.  We support Linux, Windows, and Mac and integrate with a wide variety of platforms, including Stack Overflow, GitHub, search engines, and custom data stores.


We are a dedicated team of developers and entrepreneurs who noticed a need for faster, better code search and decided to create the solution we wanted to see. Want to help us create a better code search experience? Contact us.


CodePilot.ai is built on a solid foundation: We use Electron to deliver a seamless multi-platform experience, we use Vue.js to make it beautiful, and we use a myriad of other tools to get the details right.

Open Source Support?

For every package and library we use that gives us the option, we gratefully support them.  CodePilot.ai stands on their shoulders; we strongly believe in the importance of acknowledging these projects and showing them that we value their work.

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